Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Skins Series 1 Episode 1 Opening

1. The extract is set in a terraced house, in a middle class suburban area. We find ourselves in a typical teenagers bedroom

2. Tony is represented as the stereotypical teenage boy. As we see him gazing at the naked woman across the street, out of his bedroom window, he's transfixed, exposing and feeding his perverted mind. It seems he follows a morning routine to get the desired look the girls will love. Like many teenage boys of his age, he seems focussed on his image and sex life.

3. The genre of Skins is a Teenage Comedy. Tom, the character featured in the clip, fits this genre well. By his comedic scheme to sneak his sister back into the house, we see he has a good sense of humour, going to great lengths to embarrass and annoy his father.

5. The clip opened with Tom lying in his bed, covered only by his underwear. The close up shows him waking up, and starting a new morning, potentially trying to build the will power to get out of bed. It seems like De Ja Vu for Tony, starting off another school morning.

6. Tony's bedroom is plastered with posters, which relate to the modern teenagers lifestyle. His bed duvet is also shows nudity, something which we see takes a large part of the extract. He picks up the weights to work on his masculinity and soon looks in the mirror to check out his image

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